All The Fintech - Sept 17th, 2017

Happy Sunday and welcome to the first news digest of All The Fintech :).

For those of you that don't know me, I currently work at Plaid where a large part of my job is keeping up to date with all the various developments that occur across financial technology (or fintech for short). I have a pretty broad interpretation of what falls under fintech, but in general I like to broadly define fintech as technology that's used and applied in the financial services industry. Whether that technology is leveraged internally at a large financial institution, or utilized to compete with existing financial institutions, I consider it all to be relevant!

For now, this newsletter will be a somewhat curated selection of articles, viewpoints, and news snippets that I believe offer a pulse on what's happening in fintechland week by week. I'm going to aim for once a week, but welcome any and all feedback (and article/website recommendations) as I start out here. I'll try and add my own commentary here and there and as always, caveat that this is mostly dominated by what I find come across and think is interesting. Without further ado...