All The Fintech - Sept 25th, 2017

Happy Monday everyone and welcome to my second issue to all the new subscribers (which in this case, is pretty much everyone other than my significant other)! As a general reminder, I'm still working on tweaking the format and content of my newsletter so any and all feedback is super helpful, give me a tweet.

Currently, I've structured it over a few main topics : Top News (IMO), Crypto, Lending, Payments, Wealth Management, Insurance, and Fundraising. My goal is to have a few of the most relevant and interesting articles across each section, but I also have my own biases on sources I read. If anyone has any great recommendations on other go to newsletters or sources, please tweet them over to me (particularly insurance). This week's newsletter is also a bit fundraising heavy (at least, compared to last week, but maybe this is normal?).

In the future, I'm planning on using this section to pontificate on things I come across working with all the fintechs. This week, I was planning on writing a quick post on Venmo's (newish) debit card that I got recently, but I got a bit carried away with editing some photos tonight, so instead I'll save that for next week and leave you with my favorite photo I took in Japan earlier this year.