All The Fintech - Issue #10

Happy Monday everyone, especially to those that have been holding Bitcoin for the past month with it hitting up to $8100 today. This week's fintech round-up touches upon a wide of of topics from the future of the CFPB, increased competition in personal +SMB lending, and some moves from large financial institutions which I'll touch upon below.

Over the past year, later stage US fintech companies have moved from an "unbundling" of financial service to more "rebundling". For example:

The common playbook for early stage fintech is establishing a beachhead through a differentiated (some might say "niche") product offering, growing + expanding user base, and then launching adjacent products. Always reminds me of Chris Dixon's post that the next big thing will look like a toy.

Meanwhile, we're now starting to see the first responses from larger financial institutions:

Digital acquisition expertise + virality vs large existing network + household brands. 2018 is going to be fun...