All The Fintech - 1.23.18 - Fintech News Catchup

Happy Tuesday everyone! I missed last week's newsletter due to being in Denver over MLK weekend, so I have a lot of catch up to do in regards to what has happened over the past few weeks. On the flip side, got to spend some quality time with the significant other and old friends from college, so totally worth it to unplug for at least a couple of days. In other news, I'm thinking about renaming my newsletter to All The Blockchain Fintech in hopes that it will automatically increase my subscriber list 1000% as it seems to be working for some companies like Kodak and others. Nevertheless, lots of activity in fintech outside of a wild couple of weeks for crypto prices. (Side note, I find it interesting on how quickly price anchors change in this market, just a month ago everyone was freaking out at Ethereum breaking $1k, Bitcoin hitting above $10k, Ripple hitting $1, etc).

I'm keeping this week's column brief since there was a lot of news, but next week I'll try and compile 2018 fintech perspectives from bankers, founders, and investors :).