All The Fintech - 2.6.18 - Hodl on to your hats everyone

Happy Tuesday everyone and congrats to the Iggles for winning their first Superb Owl. Meanwhile, for any following the market (whether that be the stock or crypto), it's been a pretty rough start to the week.

One interesting side effect of crypto that I've observed is new people that historically have not been curious about financial services, rapidly getting up to speed and interested. Everyday, I talk to more and more people are that want to learn about the nuts and bolts finance, whether it's retail investors trying to understand the what hodl means, to new day-traders learning about candlesticks and cloud trading, to developers building on top of (or replacing) legacy financial infrastructure. There's a huge influx of talent across the world that are focusing their attention on financial services and learning how broken the experience has been.

In some ways, this is the primary reason why I'm overall bullish on crypto. Some of the smartest people I know are spending 100% of their time on a variety of projects on the space and if I were an investor, I'm willing to bet that there are going to be a ton of interesting solutions developed. I think it's going to be a huge positive for the future of financial services, crash or no crash :).