All The Fintech - Payment Learning Resources

Happy Tuesday everyone! Playing catch up this week since I was out the office last week for President's Day weekend and then got a bit buried with work. I've also been spending some time re-learning various topics in payments and plan on posting online a few of the summaries I've made for myself. It's been a bit amusing to see how quickly various individuals in the media, crypto, technology, etc have been exposed to a crash course in payments in order to keep up with all the various announcements in fintech, myself included.

Whenever I'm put on the spot, I always discover some new gap in my knowledge on payments. But on the flip side, whenever I try to google or ask for answers, I also find that quality resources on payments are quite dispersed. I posted up some links of resources that I find myself consistently referring to, but looking for more! What are some of your go-to links, books, articles, etc on payments? Feel free to reply directly :).